UN survey on business and climate change

Marine Glass Cleaner, Radiator CleanerBusiness and organisations are most often portrayed in the media as somewhat resistant to the shift toward a sustainable future that addresses climate change and its all encompassing problems. Time and again these groups are presented as resistant to climate change and all it entails, and are viewed as the “enemy” of “greenies.”

But is this really the case?

There are many businesses and organisations as well as industry groups who are embracing the challenges and the changes that are required. For example, businesses such as Envirosafe Solutions are actively embracing the need for change, and utilising new green ethics and approaches that are good for the planet and good for business.

And recent research conducted by the United Nations Environment Programme indicates that many businesses are not the “enemy” of sustainable practices, but are in fact seeing the new world of climate change and all it entails as a business opportunity that can be embraced and utilised in the form of a win-win situation.[1]

The report, titled “Adapting for a Green Economy: Companies, Communities and Climate Change” stated that businesses that respond to climate changes with community needs in mind can gain a competitive edge. Businesses that respond to climate change in ways that undermine communities’ efforts to adapt may face reputational and brand risks, and they may even lose their ability to operate in certain locations.”[2]

It also states that an approach by business that is responsible and strategic can in fact:

  • Avoid costs
  • Manage liabilities
  • Build resilience
  • Expand market share
  • Access new opportunities
  • Build corporate reputation
  • Exercise good corporate citizenship.

The report also advises that traditional business approaches may well now be insufficient, and companies will want to:

  • “connect climate adaptation and resilience to the culture of the corporation/company
  • Assimilate adaptations into central business strategies
  • Match their business objectives with new approaches
  • Team up with in-house and external decision-makers
  • Develop and grow a portfolio of goods and services that are truly green and climate-resilient[3]

Many businesses in Australia have already adopted and incorporated many of these suggestions and guidelines into their business approach and ethos. Envirosafe Solutions is one such Australian owned and environmentally sound business that places these ideas at the forefront of its approach. If you would like to find out more about Envirosafe Solutions’ approach to green business practices please view the website in more detail. And if you would like more information on the Envirosafe Solutions Extreme Green Range of quality products, please telephone a friendly member of the sales team on 1300 889070.

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