The Rise in Anti Consumerism

Eco Friendly, Environmental Cleaning Products, Dishwashing LiquidOver the past few years since the Global Financial Crisis there has been a distinct shift towards a conservatism around spending and also a more clear cut anti-consumerism movement.

This movement goes hand in hand with the environmental and green movements. An example of this can be seen in the “OCCUPY WALL ST” protesters and movement.[1]

The movement is a leaderless resistance movement uniting American individuals from all political persuasions, gender and colour. The unifying ethic and common view is “We are the 99% that will no longer tolerate greed and corruption of the 1%.”[2]

The movement also uses nonviolence to maximise safety of participants. At the heart of this movement is the distinct belief that greed, over consumption and an attitude of lack of care leads to distinct irregularities in the lifestyles of equal human beings.

Consumerism and waste

In October 2011 The ABC North Queensland division ran an article asking “Could you go cold turkey on consumption?”[3] October in Australia is now the Buy Nothing New Month.  This is a new nationwide campaign aimed and encouraging Australians to consider their consumer patterns and habits and to maybe hold off from purchases or the habituated tendency to simply buy for the sake of a feel good.[4]

The reasoning behind the site is that Australians need to “reassess what they really need and think about where the stuff they buy comes from (finite resources,) where it goes (landfill) and what their actual alternatives are.”[5]

It is not about a permanent cessation of consumption. Rather it is focuses on conscientious consumption or the idea that we can consume, but consume in a way that is more considered, more environmentally sound and more environmentally conscientious and considerate.

What You Purchase

So what do you actually purchase?  When you go to the supermarket what are the items you buy? Do you buy products with an enormous amount of packaging or do you buy products that are not wrapped up in excessive plastics and papers and cardboards?

Think about the kind of cleaning products and fluids you buy. Are they considerate of the environment and do they have a safety rating? Are they filled with nasties or are they green and organic alternatives that are less damaging to the precious earth, to your family and home and to Australia and its flora and fauna.

Envirosafe Solutions has been pushing this view for several years now, in the hope that Australians will think about the products they purchase and actually choose alternatives that are more conscientious and considerate. Their Extreme Green range is developed with this in mind and comes with a comprehensive safety rating that assures you of a realistic appraisal of the eco friendly product you are purchasing.

For a complete rundown on the Envirosafe Solutions Extreme Green Range download the Extreme Green 2012 pdf  brochure from the website or telephone 1300 889070 for more information.





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