The Food Chain of Supply

Glue Remover, Industrial Hand Cleaner, Mineral Deposit RemoverIn the new era of green issues, how can we secure our future in relation to foodstuffs? How can we ensure supply and meet the needs of a growing population on the planet? Today, Envirosafe Solutions considers the issue of food production in the new age of extreme weather and global warming. What are the factors currently threatening Australian and worldwide food production. How do we manage them effectively?

At present, the world is witnessing a horrific even play out in the region of Somalia in Africa. Some are describing it as one of the world’s worst ever famines and hundreds of thousands of children, men and women are currently facing starvation. In May it was reported more than 29,000 children under five years of age had died and since then, the situation has worsened day by day.[1]

The problem is the area is absolutely ravaged by drought. 1.85 million people are now affected In Somalia, and it is likely as global warming increases, extreme weather conditions such will impact food production and food sources for many areas of the globe.

The Australian CSIRO has outlined a number of factors that may threaten food supply in Australia and the world in the coming years and decades. These include:

  • “Increases in world population
  • Fighting over resources (such as arable areas and H20.)
  • Available cropping areas being used for biofuel
  • Global warming
  • Shifts in economic development which may alter food consumption patterns over time.”

We are incredibly lucky in Australia because we are able to supply our own food needs. In addition we also export 3% of the world’s total food that is transacted and traded annually.

However, the issues highlighted by the CSIRO mean that the global stage is changing.

Asia-Pacific Research

Australian scientists are currently involved in a number of food research projects in the Asia-Pacific region. According to the Australian Centre for International Agricultural research which is based all around the Asia Pacific region, Australian scientists are well positioned to “use their skills for the benefit of developing countries and Australia.”[2]

As the global situation plays out and as new green technologies and approaches to food sourcing are required, Australia will be there to meet this particular challenge.

At present ACIAR works in a number of countries and continents; in areas such as Eastern and Northern Africa, The Asia Pacific rim, as well as China and also areas of The Middle East. Programs are designed to lead to more developed and more fruitful and sustainable agricultural practices using collaboration between Australia and many paired partnering countries. The aim is to foster self-sufficiency and self- support and economic independence in areas where this has not been possible agriculturally, or where this has been compromised or may be compromised in the future.

Envirosafe Solutions is a strong supporter of sustainable environmental and agricultural practices, which is why it has formulated a range of Extreme Green products specially suited to remote and agricultural industries. Never before has it been so important to utilise products that do minimal damage to the environment, to the land and to our water supplies.  For more information call Envirosafe Solutions on 1300 889070.