Swimming Pool Balconies…So Cool!

Extreme Green, Environmentally Friendly LiquidsFor those of you who especially love fun and creative things, the concept of swimming pool balconies is both innovative and a little scary. This is where a swimming pool is on the outer part of an apartment balcony or a deck balcony, and the outer wall of the swimming pool is clear glass/plastic/fiber glass and you can see down into the city below while you are swimming around under the water. The reason why this wonderful idea can be a little scary is that if the outer wall is broken, the water (and everyone in it) would be swept out down a multitude of stories. In other words, it would result in a fatality. This is to be contrasted with normal balcony walls which people rarely attempt to break through and, should they break, would not necessarily carry any people with them to the ground below.

So, this fun and creative idea is both exciting and terrifying and we have to ask ourselves, is it worth the risk? How many people would rent or use an apartment with such characteristics? And, after one fatality, wouldn’t the value of the property plummet entirely?

Actually, in addition to the questions above, we should be also focusing on the safety and efficacy this construct has for the environment. The amount of continual force against the outer which is created by the extremely heavy weight of the water is something which could prove to be dangerous and even require specialized equipment to maintain. In addition to that, the maintenance of forty private swimming pools (as opposed to one communal pool for the all of the apartments) would require more energy and more chlorinated maintenance and filtration, which would use up even more energy than before. It is an energy economist’s nightmare. Furthermore, while the concept is stunning and almost fantastic to think about, if there should be a fatality which would ruin the reputation of the complex, then all of that material and building and power and fuel would have been for nothing. It would be wasted.

For now, let’s focus on things over which we have better control, such as maintenance of our current facilities. Envirosafe Solutions offers eco friendly rust converter and rust remover for any of your current problem areas. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.