Sustainable Gifts

Environmentally Friendly LiquidsWhen you give a gift, it is always best to think of being considerate and thoughtful to the other person. Sustainable or eco friendly gifts are a perfect way to say that you care and that you know that they care, as well. What can you do to give a greener, more earth friendly gift?

Keep it simple. It is when we go all out that we tend to spend more money, buy more non-renewable materials, and care less about what we are buying. Think of something thoughtful, tasteful and useful which they might enjoy or appreciate.

Tell them about it. Sometimes, eco friendly materials look as if they are not sustainable. Either way, your friend will appreciate the gift all the more if you tell them that it is “green” and perhaps the value would be enhanced if you describe the eco friendly materials which you used in it.

Stay away from purely biodegradable. Unless you are giving something which is meant to be temporary in nature, such as flowers, try to stick with reclaimed materials or sustainable materials. If something is heavily biodegradable, such as paper objects, then consider whether it will lose its function before your friend is finished enjoying it. Heavy duty paper products, with excellent craftsmanship, such as origami pieces, tend to be appropriate since they last a long while before losing their value.

Create reclaimed works of art. Not only is a handmade piece of art truly meaningful and about the person to whom you are giving it, but if you used reclaimed materials, throw away material from your home or yard area, and make it look attractive, then you giving them a little piece of your own life.

One of the best ways to spread your eco friendly lifestyle to others is to show it in your actions, such as sustainable giving and leading with a good strong example of how easy and simple and enjoyable this can be. Many people believe that living eco friendly means denying yourself some of the good things in life, and your example can prove otherwise. Envirosafe Solutions seeks to set an example in business and in giving by offering a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our products. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.