New Government website

Extreme Green, Environmental Cleaning ProductsThe Australian Government’s Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency has set up a climate change website that can keep families and businesses and industries up to date on the latest climate change information and ideas that are coming out of Canberra. The website is most specifically designed to tackle the challenges of climate change and focuses on a number of main areas.[1]

These include:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promoting energy efficiency
  • Adapting to climate change impacts
  • Helping to shape a global solution

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

At present, the main requirement for the human race is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The Australian government currently invests more than $5billion towards developing clean energy technologies, and once a carbon tax is introduced this amount it set to rise.

Encouraging business to reduce emissions

The new website also encourages Australian businesses “to take action to reduce their emissions through the Clean Business Australia program which promotes and advocates an increase in energy efficiency in Australian workplaces and buildings.”[2]

Encouraging households to take action

It is also important Australian households take action as 20% of Australian carbon pollution is generated by these. The website outlines various ways in which average households across our continent can make a true difference. And while these measures may seem insignificant on their own, when combined with the changes each and every household can make, these impacts can be significant and considerable. Ways to reduce your household’s carbon footprint include considering:

  • the ways you travel to and from work
  • the ways you travel to and from school
  • the way you use electrical appliances
  • the way you use your air conditioning
  • the way you use your heating appliances
  • whether you turn appliances off at the power point when not in use
  • turning off computer when not in use
  • planting trees
  • recycling
  • watching water use
  • products you use at home.

Eco-friendly products

Envirosafe Solutions has developed an environmentally responsible range of liquid and other products that are suitable for both domestic and business use. These products may contribute to the reduction or minimisation of your carbon footprint and can reduce harsh chemical impacts on the local and national environment. Unlike other eco-friendly products that may be on the market, the Envirosafe Solutions range does not compromise on results or quality, so you can be assured of the results you require.

All households, as well as local councils, businesses, organisations, industries and governments are currently adjusting to the reality of climate change. All of us are learning new strategies and adaptations which require commitment, research and effort on our parts.

You can be a part of a solutions-based change in household practices and business practices. Please call Envirosafe Solutions to enquire about and purchase our eco-friendly liquids and products. You can feel good and simply do good by purchasing Envirosafe Solutions products. 1300 889070.