Mobile Phones and Electromagnetic Radiation

Sanitiser/Mould Rid, Hard Water - Laundry Liquid, Porta-Loo Treatment, Marine Glass CleanerRecently, there has been a lot of talk on the topic of electromagnetic radiation and the impact it may have upon human health.  Some scientists believe that electromagnetic radiation can cause genes to mutate, leading to health issues later down the track in life.  Of course, a few decried this as paranoia and conducted studies that would prove the exact opposite.

While some maintain there is no definite conclusion about EMR, other organisations such as ARPANSA – The Australian Government’s Electromagnetic radiation Complaints Register, consider otherwise. This site actually collects data and reports on possible damages to health because of EMR from mobile phones, microwaves, power-lines, induction heaters and other things.

So, is EMR dangerous or harmless?  Both theories have strong points and the results of the conducted studies sustain each one of them.

What are electromagnetic radiations?

Electromagnetic energy is all around us.  Examples of electromagnetic radiations are given by:

  • Radio waves
  • TV waves
  • Radar waves
  • Heat
  • UV light
  • X-rays
  • Short waves
  • Microwaves
  • Gamma Rays

The most debated electromagnetic radiations are those emitted by the mobile phones.  Those radiations are believed to cause problems such as changes of skin colour, overexcited brain cells, or even cancer.

Sometimes, electromagnetic radiations are compared to chemical radiations within a nuclear reactor.  It is believed that, in time, the effect is similar to radiation poisoning resulted from nuclear residues.

While in Australia, and all around the world mobile communication is increasing, concerns are being expressed about the possible impacts of electromagnetic radiation on the human body.

According to studies, electromagnetic radiation may have a negative effect upon neurotransmitter balance, the cognitive function, and REM sleep pattern and may cause various brain diseases, such as brain tumours or brain cell damage.  However, most reported effects are rather small, as long as the intensity of the radiation remains with a given range.

Biological effects of electromagnetic radiation

Researchers blame many diseases on electromagnetic radiation.  For example, the radiation from GSM cell phones may cause a certain amount of stress to two of the proteins that exist in our skin.  Another study shows that cell phone frequencies have caused damage to the neurons of rats, directly affecting their cortex.

As we know, rats are physiologically similar to humans; the results may be conclusive but like everything else this debate has stirred, there’re opposing points of view on what the rats exhibited.

Also, Italian researchers have found that electromagnetic radiations have a negative influence upon the growth of leukaemia cells.  According to the research, leukaemia cells that were exposed to normal cell phone frequencies for 48 hours, started replicating more aggressively.

According to an additional Israeli study, people who use cell phones are often are more likely to develop a form of cancer that attacks the salivary glands.  Also, brain tumours, miscarriages, and lymphatic cancer have all been linked to electromagnetic radiation.

However, other scientists claim that even those results are accurate the possibility of developing any form of cancer only from using the mobile phone is minimal, since the electromagnetic radiation emitted by this device is not dangerous to anyone.

Be aware of the unseen impact of EMR and use telecommunications devices responsibly.

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