Looking For A New Fuel

Dishwasher Powder, Disinfectant, Marine Glass CleanerEver since the 1960’s, western civilization has struggled with the concept of effective and affordable alternative fuel. Many people believe that oil and petroleum products are controlled and moved by a few powerful elite groups, but the reality is that a great deal of legislature in several countries has been written to protect mass production and use of oil and petrol products, and that few engines have been created which work as well as ones based on petroleum fueled firing. Engines are complex mechanisms which require certain cohesive combinations of mechanics, ignition, and fuel burning to keep running for as long as the individual desires to leave it on. Today, we are looking for a new fuel to replace depleting oil reserves, and more importantly, we are looking for an alternative fuel which could potentially be used in the engines which we already have. As appealing as alternative fuel may be, not everyone can afford the cost of manufacturing, designing, or purchasing brand new vehicles or engines which are designed specifically for alternative fuel. In fact, a great deal of publicity has been given to the fact that some hybrid car engines are, in fact, not very cost effective and a few of them may not even by very fuel effective.

In addition to this, the public is struggling with the concept of mass distribution and who should have first access to newly developed alternative fuel. While passenger and cargo flights are already experimenting with combinations of alternative fuel and petroleum based jet fuel, regular use of alternative petrol in our own cars and trucks seems to be in the distant future, not quite within our grasp. While environmentalists have expressed concern over the effect that petroleum based fuel has on our planet, their voices may raise in greater protest if commercial flights and engines are using cheaper alternative fuel, while everyday consumers are still paying higher prices for regular petrol. This is an issue which must be handled carefully and with great aplomb, making sure that everyone receives access to better, biodegradable and sustainable fuel…preferably cheaper, too.

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