Mining Industry Still Receiving Bad Press

Eco Friendly, Radiator Coolant, Dishwasher Rinse AidThe Association of Mining and Exploration Companies launched an advertisement campaign and already it is being thwarted by Lyne MP, Robert Oakeshott. He claims that the mining industry is “crying poor” amid a multimillion dollar advertising campaign, and that their voices will only generate newspaper revenue, but very little sympathy. The mining industry as a whole is sometimes given a bad rap because of external and incomplete impressions of industry practices, including impressions about their non-eco friendly practices or use of fuels. This is unfortunate, since mining companies everywhere contribute a great deal to our planet’s resources and to the health and wellbeing of citizens everywhere. What are some things that they could do to “clean up” their image?

Perhaps they could drop the justification act. If someone becomes defensive against an accusation, no matter how inaccurate the accusation may be, they are immediately tagged as “guilty” by casual observers. It is generally presumed that innocent people will not feel the need to defend themselves, since they have nothing to hide. Unless mining companies are practicing illicitly, in which case they would be found out anyway, they have nothing to hide and it may be in their best interests to refrain from “justifying” their actions.

Perhaps they could advertise better use of sustainable products. In all areas of mining, there are ways in which eco friendly products or actions can be utilized to promote sustainability. The earth is still giving up great amounts of resources for which we are mining, but bad press often follows poor environmental practices, or impressions of such. This means that the mining industry may find it useful to advertise environmentally friendly steps which they are taking.

Perhaps they could simply change their former industry standards. Since it is required to use earth friendly products and practices, it would be wise to research and investigate ways to implement biodegradable product usage and to leave as small of a carbon footprint as possible. Even if this practice is done in private, the truth always comes out. Images, consumer perceptions, and reputations are all based upon the truth that “leaks” out, rather than the facts which are readily available. Simply using environmentally friendly products and practices will change mass perception of the quality of this worthy industry.

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