Laundry in remote Australia

Hard Water - Laundry Liquid, Porta-Loo TreatmentIt’s a completely different scenario. It’s a completely different set of factors and circumstances. Every aspect of life is different to that of urban and city dwellers, from social communication, levels of sociability and anonymity (and lack thereof,) isolation, climate, topography, culture and lifestyle and even laundry and cleaning.

For city dwellers the practice of doing the daily or weekly laundry amounts to turning on the taps, getting water from the city supply and pushing a button to get the washing machine to start and work through its load. It’s an easy, often “taken for granted” approach.

Simple and convenient.

But in remote areas it is a very different scenario.

Laundry in harsh conditions

One of the main problems with doing washing and laundry in remote Australia is the quality of the water. Unlike that sourced in the cities, most water used in remote areas is hard water – or water that is obtained from underground sources and from bores.

This type of water is particularly harsh on clothes because it contains mineral deposits that stay in the fabric. This causes them to fade, yellow and also to wear and tear. This consequently reduces clothing lifespan.[1]

According to the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, (that has produced sound academic research on the subject,) “there are three ways to help control water hardness when doing the laundry. These are:

  • Use adequate amounts of an appropriate detergent and water as hot as is recommended for the fabric
  • Install a water softening unit
  • Use a packaged water softener.[2]

Minerals in the water supply can adversely affect the laundry results in these areas. Calcium and magnesium are of particular concern, as are high concentrations of iron. The latter causes hard water staining and rust streaks which can ruin and destroy clothes.

Envirosafe Solutions has specifically designed a number of laundry products suitable for remote use and hard water. These products are especially tailored for the unique circumstances of hard water laundry us, and will deliver results on par with laundry results with soft water.

The Extreme Green Fabric Conditioner is a concentrate and softener used for final rinse cycles with hard water. It can also be used in soft water and is economical and phosphate free. It is best used in conjunction with the Extreme Green laundry products such as the Extreme Green Hard Water Laundry Liquid – Special Remote Area Formulation and the Extreme Green Hard water Laundry Powder.

They are boosted for optical brightness and extra grease removal and will not damage septic or sewage plant systems found at mine sites and in large scale agricultural areas.

For more information about these products please telephone Envirosafe Solutions 1300 889070