Individual vs Group Responsibility

Individual vs Group ResponsibilityIndividuals feel responsible for their part in taking care of the environment, but they seek to validate their own efforts by bringing group responsibility into the picture. This is a common theme, and it denotes the desire of individuals to get everyone involved in efforts which are important to them. They desire to inspire the masses into thinking of their own desires as being important, too. Well, the fact is that not everyone is into being eco friendly. How does one go about developing this in others, and is it even moral to try to do this? This is a question posed by many fundamentalists against the theorists of the green movement.

The truth is, groups change, dilute and reconfigure the strength of individual people. While a group may be given responsibility for something, it is only the responsibility and duty that the individual maintains inside himself for the group that makes any real difference.

In fact, the individual is the strength and the core of all great movements. While groups, because of their size and support and mass have great authority, it is the individuals within these groups who carry the most power and who wield the most authority. Individual choice and power will always trump that of the collective group.

With this in mind, the eco movement may be placing far greater responsibility upon groups than they are able or willing to manage or maintain. This means that the eco movement can actually be detrimental to its intentions by putting so much pressure upon its supporting groups. Instead, advertisement and information should be focused on bringing in the individual supporters based upon their own preference for the cause. As much as it may seem that green advertising is geared toward individuals, unfortunately, it does seem to be geared more toward groups and group mentality.

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