Green Resolutions for the New Year

Environmental Cleaning Products, Solvent-Free DegreaserEvery year, people from all around the world make New Year’s resolutions to help them kick start a better time and more growth in their lives. What could be better than setting goals to help improve our beautiful planet? Here are some good suggestions:

1. Take better care of your own health

Making sure that your food items, clothing items, and chemicals that you buy are eco friendly will improve your health. When you are not regularly exposed to harsh cleaning products and synthetic clothing, your skin and tissues are able to breathe much better.

2. Reduce the pollution around your yard and garage

When you use alternative fuels in your gas tanks and clean your garage with safe, biodegradable cleaning products, then you are breathing less pollution and exposing your plants and children to less pollution.

3. Teach your offspring about how they can help keep our planet clean

Children are very conscious of their surroundings and any instruction they receive on the welfare of the planet will be greeted with open arms. Help them to understand how recycling, biodegradable materials, and organic farming are all part of staying healthy and preserving our beautiful environment.

4. Try out new eco friendly products

Get your whole family involved with this one. Schedule time out of your week to buy and try out new environmentally friendly products in order to determine quality and efficacy. When your children find green products which are also effective, they can see how it is possible to have the best of both worlds. Be sure to compare and contrast to get the best product. Once a month, you can plan field trips for the whole family to visit eco friendly companies or manufacturing plants to see how this is done.

5. Be inventive

Sometimes, plenty of biodegradable materials are right in front of you, but they all seem to be disposable or of a temporary nature. Look around your home, office and yard for some ideas for how to use sustainable materials in your decorating, home repair, furniture construction, etc. Think outside of the box.

6. Plant or invest in a garden

This can be in your own back yard, or it can even be a community garden. With this, you can start producing your own food and you can learn hands on how to change out soil and nutrients after harvesting and preparing for a new batch. This will give you a new appreciation for local farmers and you may wish to buy locally in the future.

New Year’s resolutions do not have to be filled with pressure and a need to use huge amounts of self discipline. You can take a relaxed attitude toward your individual learning style and you are far more likely to retain what you have learned.

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