Green Product Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

Dishwashing Liquid, Toilet Bowl CleanerSometimes, we encounter something called “green-washing.” This is where a product either claims to be eco friendly and isn’t, or where a product that is eco friendly is also not very effective and requires more of the product in order to accomplish the same tasks as non-eco counterparts. For this reason, individuals who are new to ecology often find themselves disgusted and frustrated with incompetent products or equipment. This is unfortunate, since valid, safe, earth-friendly and usable equipment and materials do exist. How can you find these illusive materials and how can you be sure that they are just as effective as their non-eco counterparts? By making a list, of course…

Make your list before shopping

Before you go to the store or shop online, it is always best to know what you are looking for first. If you do not set a list of standards out beforehand, you may be tempted to settle for sub-par quality and ecologically friendly products because you are not paying attention. When shopping for cleaners, paper products, disposable products, or anything which can be found in sustainable or organic form, make a list and keep it with you at the store to evaluate what you are purchasing.

Keep it understandable

If you do not wish to research acronyms and different types of “green” certifications, then you must know what else to look for. Keep it simple and keep it understandable. Just because a product calls itself green and says that it is safe in a certain way, if you do not understand the words or acronyms being used, then do not be impressed. Sometimes, company use green-washing by stating that something is “XYZ-free” when that particular substance was banned 20 years ago, anyway. In other words, they are looking to impress you, not be honest.

Value verification

It is also a good idea to look at the quality of the product, too. If it is below your household or personal standards, then it may be a cheap quality product which is being sold at a discount in order to appear buyable. All of your eco friendly products must be good quality and up to your own standards of living.


When you do not understand certain language on the packaging, you can bet that you will still be able to understand the percentage of recyclable products in the item. If it is mostly or completely recyclable, then it is eco friendly. If it is made out of recycled materials, then it can be recycled again. Look at the percentage of recycled material in the product and win at numbers.

Cost effectiveness

Sometimes, green-washing is not shown by a cheap quality of product, but by jacking up the price of a good quality eco friendly product. This price raising can be unreasonable and if so, it is another form of green-washing. Be careful to watch your money, as well as your disposables.

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