Green Sightseeing and World Travel

Fabric Conditioner,Laundry PowderAs much as you may enjoy traveling and exploring “off the beaten track”, sometimes it is just nice to be a regular tourist and to engage in general sightseeing. Unfortunately, particularly due to selfless volunteer eco friendly vacations, general tourism and sightseeing tours are seen as a waste of resources and are seen as very commercial. This does not have to be the case. This is particularly true if your “commercial” tourism uses plenty of mass transportation for tourists, which saves on fuel and energy required for travel.

Much of what has been negatively attributed to world travel and commercial tourism is not based upon sleazy tourism companies, but on individual accumulation of non-biodegradable trash and irresponsible personal accountability.

More than getting others to change their behavior, honestly and accurately changing your own behavior will set the best example and have the most influence. When people are preaching the benefits of eco friendly behavior, the first thing you notice is whether or not they practice what they preach. So, the first thing you must concentrate on is your own individual behavior and what products you use, how you dispose of them, and why you act in this manner. Doing it because you “should” is not good enough, especially if you are questioned about it. You must educate yourself on the companies you buy from and what are the best ways to dispose of recyclable materials and why these are the most effective ways.

The second thing to focus on is being exact in your details. It is easy for individuals who are raised in a consumer market to “consume” regularly and fail to keep track of their purchases, disposals, usages and reusing old or reclaimed materials. Begin with what you are packing on your journey. All of your clothing, all of your packed materials, and then work outward, paying attention to food, drinks, snacks, souvenirs, gifts, etc. If in doubt, try to access online databases and find out about reputable company histories to make sure. Part of being eco friendly during your general tourism is to keep track of your purchases, waste, and consumption.

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