Green Living for Naturopaths

Whether you are a practicing naturopath or you simply prefer more natural and alternative methods of healing, you are probably reading this article because you wish to find out more about how integrate ecologically sound methods with your natural lifestyle. First, we must be sure to define naturopathy as outside of conventional medical practices and this article is in no way based upon advice from a physician or anyone with concrete medical experience. This is simply to edify individuals who are interested in holistic teachings and practices.

Going eco friendly does not mean that you have to deprive yourself.

Often, the thought of going “green” is associated with some type of deprivation. This is because toxic and harmful chemicals often provide a quick fix for issues with hair, makeup, skin, body cleansing and many other types of personal care. However, natural methods are available which are both eco friendly and quite luxurious. For example, Rudra Spa and Salon in Mumbai, India offers completely natural and earth friendly aloe vera and potato body wraps, almond and honey scrubs, and coffee scrubs. There is no chemical waste water and the results are just as good, if perhaps not better, than ordinary chemical treatments.

Addictions can cause harm to both our bodies and to our planet.

When you have a nicotine or tobacco addiction, the first thing you may hear about from concerned friends is the way in which this can destroy your health. However, not only are harmful substances a danger to your body, but manufacturing and producing these substances may not be healthy for the planet, either.

An article by Thomas E. Novotny and Feng Zhao describes how this occurs, both in cases of individual consumers and in manufacturing waste. People who smoke may litter cigarette butts which are partially non-biodegradable, manufacturers make some parts of the cigarette with non-biodegradable parts which results in total unusable waste, and manufacturers also may cause damage to the environment through their means of production. This is just one example of ways in which alternative treatments, such as naturopathy, have been found to have a positive effect both on individual trouble with addiction and with keeping our earth clean and safe.

Simply become a better consumer.

One of the main reasons why companies do not choose to adopt more earth friendly practices is that their consumers are still buying their non-biodegradable products. Sometimes, this is a matter of convenience. Sometimes, it is a matter of price. Whichever way you may look at it, consumers who buy organically produced, eco friendly food for their household are backing companies which are protecting the earth. This organic, chemical-free food also contributes to the health of your household and the happiness of your family.

As you see, being eco friendly does not just mean having concern for plant life and how fast our icebergs are melting. Ecological consciousness can be healthy for you and your family, as well. Contact Envirosafe Solutions today to find out more about our green laundry products and kitchen products. We’d love to hear from you: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.