Green Rewards for Good Behavior in France

France is going green in ways that other countries have not yet fully incentivized. For example, France’s site, CitéGreen, is offering real-time rewards for doing little eco friendly things throughout your day, like recycling or carpooling. Then, through CitéGreen’s partners and community organizations, a microchip is installed in your recycling bin (or whatever tool you are using) to track how much of your behavior is eco friendly every week. The beta version of the site allows participants to simply register on the site for free and then select which activities they would like to receive rewards for. These reward points are redeemable for gifts and discounts, and can be redeemed at any point, depending upon your minimum balance in the account. This is a new, fresh, innovative way to incentivize citizens to keep their planet green, while also rewarding consumers with up to approximately EUR 200 of extra purchasing power annually. This is quite a reward system. However, is the site new or the system new?

You see, CitéGreen is using what many people are already quite familiar with: the gaming trend. By using gaming rewards, where simple everyday tasks are rewarded with points and prizes and extra opportunities, today’s consumers are able to receive the endorphin “high” for acting responsibly, much like the high they receive for incentives in a gaming environment. The site is simply making the old system new again and highly innovative and effective by integrating these reward points into daily tasks. Now, there is a small concern about privacy, since microchips will be used to track your daily responsible actions, and those who believe that the system can be hacked and tracked will probably not be implementing the new reward system any time soon. However, it is certainly an interesting and thought-provoking idea, which can be turned into high ecological benefits and can clean up France’s pollution in a very short time if used by even fifty percent of the population.

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