Fuel treatment reduces black smoke and cuts emissions

Vehicle exhaust fumes pose serious health risks and are a major contributor to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show fuel emissions have increased by nearly 30% during the past 20 years, and today account for more than 15% of Australia’s total greenhouse gases. The weight of health, environmental and cost pressures is turning attention toward innovative technology such as Envirosafe Solutions’ Diesel Bug Killer, aimed at improving fuel efficiency and reducing dangerous emissions.

While the diesel-thirsty transport, mining and construction sectors count the financial costs of high fuel prices, statistics show the environment is increasingly choking under exhaust fumes.

In its most comprehensive inventory of national greenhouse gas emissions, the ABS has found that between 1990 and 2008 emissions from Australia’s transport sector increased by 29%. In 2008 exhaust fumes accounted for 15% of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Of this, road transport accounted for 86%. ABS figures show that for every litre of diesel used, 2.7kg of carbon dioxide was released, compared to 2.3kg for a litre of petrol.

The race to develop alternate transport fuels could be the key to moving forward in the future. Second generation biofuels, from non-food matter including algaes, have generated considerable interest and offer the promise of a cleaner, more sustainable energy for the future.

Revolutionary fuel conditioner

Fuel additives have also been developed to produce cleaner fuel, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing dangerous exhaust fumes, which contribute to air pollution and health issues. Perth-based environmental cleaning products company Envirosafe Solutions has been supplying its revolutionary Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer to councils, road transport and marine operators for years. The eco-friendly liquid product completely removes water – and dissolved oxygen – from fuel sources. This process suffocates microscopic contaminant Cladisporium Resinae (‘diesel bug’) and prevents slime from clogging fuel lines and filters and acid from corroding metal engine parts.

Unlike other fuel conditioners on the market, the Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer does not contain hydrocarbons, acids or strong alkaline agents, as part of Envirosafe Solutions commitment to providing environmentally friendly liquids. It is suitable for cars, trucks, mining and earthmoving vehicles, trucks, buses, agricultural and marine equipment. Its proven benefits include:

  • Improving fuel efficiency;
  • Reducing maintenance issues and expensive downtime;
  • Reducing exhaust emissions;
  • Cleaning engine components;
  • Compatible with petrol, diesel, two stroke, gas oil and heating oil;
  • Economical and biodegradable;
  • Kills Diesel bug.

The way forward

Envirosafe Solutions director Murray Simon said new technologies were critical to supporting mining, construction and transport sectors reduce dangerous fuel emissions.

“Products such as the Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer offers businesses cost savings by improving fuel efficiency and engine performance. This reduces consumption and produces cleaner emissions, which is critical as Australia moves to reduce its greenhouse emissions.”

Pollution from diesel exhausts is increasingly contributing to haze, smog and greenhouse gases. New technologies such as Envirosafe Solutions Diesel Bug Killer are helping combat the problem while offering cost savings to heavy fuel users including mining, construction and transport industries. For more information phone 1300 88 90 70 or email info@evss.com.au.











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