Flooding Affects Bangkok Airport

Fuel Conditioner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Dishwashing LiquidRecently, flooding shut down the Don Muang airport in Bangkok, Thailand, backing up confused waiting flight passengers who did not know that the airport had been shut down, and continuing a threat which has covered approximately one third of Thailand’s land area. Bangkok holds over nine million people residential neighborhoods bordering the north side of Bangkok are already under water. The panic and distrust in the government’s efforts to keep everyone safe is mounting. This will be a hard blow for both government responsibilities and commercial aviation trading with the Don Muang airport in Thailand.

When flooding continually increases over time, the borders of the floods coming further in each year and lasting longer, then it is the result of two possible causes: the land is becoming fully submerged on a permanent basis, or the land is shifting and achieving buoyancy over a period of twenty or thirty years. The latter is especially probable when large portions of the population and imported weight shift over time on a small island or lightly connected land base. Imported weight is added industrial size materials (and of course, added population) brought into the country.

Another theory ventured by a few forward thinking environmentalists is that flooding and desert conditions exist as part of a stabilizing mechanism performed by nature itself in the global macro eco system. In either scenario, it is necessary to use man’s superior research skills to find ways to have the lifestyles we wish to have and also maintain a balance of our precious eco systems.

It is necessary to be environmentally friendly in every part of our lives, not just normally measured areas. This includes lifestyle choices, such as eco friendly bio fuels, 100% recyclable material, reused wood for construction and design, environmentally friendly cleaning products, and sustainable resources. These lifestyle choices affect both macro eco systems and mass weight redistribution on land.

We do not always believe that we have a measurable effect on the weather or storm conditions or self sufficient shifting in nature. Theories have been posed by research scientists that we may have an impact on nature, and therefore can in some ways control it. Perhaps this is not true. Perhaps we should control what we know we can, and leave nature to fend for herself.

In either circumstance, we know for a fact that we have control over environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods in our homes and businesses. To find out more about how we’re able to help, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

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