Environmental Cleaning ProductsArchitizer, a highly rated and globally read architecture innovation blog, recently did a cover story and pictures on Eco-PERCH, an eco friendly, pre-fabricated one family home which can be delivered and set up in a tourism or travel site within just a matter of a few simple days. This is, of course, subject to site preparation, but this is a convenient, aesthetic and eco friendly solution to the needs of the eco tourism sector, especially in instances where families wish to vacation for months at a time, or have a summer residence set up to spend time away from their busy lives.

College students are the latest and most diversified unit of the eco tourism sector, attracting any type of student from liberal arts majors to design engineers. In many cases, the need for temporary or get-away reliable housing for the vacationing student or the research graduate holed up with their books is more necessary than just a small desire. Attracting, and making eco friendly pre-fabricated housing available to, college students is a major step in ecological development, for this is building up the interest of future generations who have the techniques, skills and knowledge to make a sustainable earth an actual reality. In many cases, educated young adults are tempted with lower quality project design and not as many opportunities, since they may not be a target audience for donations and funding. They are, however, the target audience for actually completing the work and making completely sustainable living a reality.

Architizer shows pictures of Eco-PERCH’s pre-fabricated housing, both on the ground and off the ground, showing that the houses can be modified for terrain and individual tastes. Indoor views of the house show simple but complete living situations, where the accommodations are made from recycled or sustainable materials, and the waste disposal and heating and cooling are built efficiently into the house, without using excess energy.

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