Brisbane to host 6th World Environmental Education Congress

Multi Purpose Lubricant, Fuel Conditioner, Toilet Bowl CleanerQueensland will host the 6th World Environmental Education Congress in 2011. From the 19-23rd July The Brisbane Convention Centre will play host to a smorgasbord of sessions and seminars on all aspects of environmental and sustainability education. This is a unique opportunity for individuals to come together and learn from many global experts who specialise in environmental education.

700 delegates will be participating from all around the world and will present and discuss issues relevant to environmental education, from early childhood through to primary and secondary, higher education and including educations models for local, state and even federal governments.

The focus of the conference will not be confined to environmental issues. This will be a key aspect, but it will branch out to include feasible and effective ways of educating the community about the environment and sustainability issues. The conference has been coordinated by one of Australia’s peak environmental education bodies, the Australian Association for Environmental Education. It aims to provide opportunity and “exchange for professionals interested in environmental and sustainability education so that they can come together, network and share their expertise in environmental research, education, policy and practice.”[1]

One of the keynote speakers is Dr. Hum Gurung from Nepal, whose “research interests include participatory action research and community-based approaches for environmental education, sustainable development and climate change, biodiversity and tourism management in protected areas.”[2]

Dr. Gurung has been an active participant and leader in Bird Conservation Nepal. It is actively involved in managing environmental education and is committed to engendering change through the educating the students about the threat to the native birdlife of Nepal and the Kathmandu region. The recent setup of the Bagmati River Nature Park in the area has education as a central component of its charter. It “offers a huge opportunity to promote conservation and environmental issues to the large urban population and school students of Kathmandu.[3]

Another one of the keynote speakers/educators at the conference will be Emeretta Cross, from Merethan Vision in Victoria, which focuses on the plight of islands such as Kiribati and Tuvalu, both of which are currently threatened by rising sea levels. Cross who is a proud Tuvaluan/Kiribati, has become a powerful educator and speaker who focuses on the known conditions now facing her people due rising sea levels.

Envirosafe Solutions believed education and fostering a new awareness about sustainability and environment is an implicit and essential part of dealing with current global environmental issues. Envirosafe Solutions supports the aims and objectives of the 6th World Environmental Education Conference, which parallels its own current commitment to online education strategies for the youth of Australia. You can support he environment by active engagement in self-education and education of others about sustainability issues. You can also support the environment by paying attention to your own day to day domestic and work practices. For more information on a host of strategies and the eco-friendly Extreme Green Range brought out by Envirosafe Solutions, telephone 1300 889070.