Bettering Maritime Green Operations

Multi Purpose Lubricant, Fuel ConditionerVarious navies around the world are working on their “green” operations and attempting to make their seafaring movements as healthy for our planet as possible. This has been especially true since many publicized accounts of oil and contaminants spilling into our oceans. Public concern is growing, not only for accidental spills in our oceans, but also for the fuel which is used in transportation at sea that can mix with the air and with the water, double contaminating the water. It has been found through multiple studies that carbon pollution in the air mixes with oxygen in the water, polluting our oceans, as well. What are some ways in which every navy or marine operation throughout many countries can improve their eco friendly ocean treatment?

You can use eco friendly cleaning products to clean and sanitize seafaring vessels

Envirosafe Solutions creates eco friendly cleaning solution, degreasers, and sanitizers, not to mention “green” glass cleaner. These are available in bulk amounts. When harsh, non-green chemicals are used where they will be washed off or emptied as waste into our ocean, then it becomes very important with what we are cleaning our ships and seafaring vessels.

You can use alternative fuel and combinations of alternative fuel and petroleum based fuel in your marine vessels

Let’s face it: nearly every marine vessel contains petroleum based engines, which are exclusively designed to burn petroleum based fuel. This is something, which can be changed over many decades, but it is not possible to simply replace all of these engines right away. It would be too costly, and different vessels need different types of engines to burn alternative fuel, which takes a great deal of time to test and manipulate and successfully design.

You can design “green” vessels, which operate off of 100% sustainable fuel

A special type of boat called the Earthrace powerboat can run on 100% biodiesel and is specially designed for that purpose, to run just like any other seafaring vessel. The main purpose of the Earthrace powerboat has been to publicize how fast it can go and that it is comparable to other ships, even while running entirely off of biodiesel. This is one of the few seafaring vessels on earth, which is designed to run entirely off of sustainable fuel. The U.S., Australian, British, and several other navies are searching for ways to accomplish this with maritime ships.

Envirosafe Solutions is designing eco friendly products such as radiator liquids, fuel treatments, glass cleaner, and disinfectants. We want to be part of the green movement. Call us today:(+61) 1300 88 90 70.