Being Transparent in Business

Dishwashing Liquid, DisinfectantYou set up your business, you manage your assets, you gain and retain clients or customers, and things seem to be going great. Then, you find that you should be practicing ethical business transparency. What does that mean, and how can you implement it effectively in your own company?

Business transparency does not mean that you must give away all of your trade secrets or that you must reveal all private personnel information to the public. It means that you must be able to account for your business operations, where your money has gone and that your taxes have been paid, and you must be able to account for employee activity on a pretty consistent basis. This ensures that your business is not being used as a front or a cover-up for illegal or unethical activity.

Begin with green. One of the best ways to initiate good healthy amounts of transparency is to implement an ecologically sensitive goal for your business plan. This allows outsiders to see your business as a safe place that is worth investing in and that is worth exploring further. Remember, you WANT people to investigate your business. The more they know about it, the more popular your products and services are.

Advertise what you use. Many reputable companies advertise the brands and products they use in their regular business operations. Use eco friendly products in your business and tell your clients what you are doing. We recommend our Extreme Green range of products.

Form highly personal relationships. Your greatest fear in becoming a transparent business may be fear of criticism from clientele or customers. After all, if they do not like what they see, they may tell you, and there is no way to escape from that. Famous actors and actresses went to one hundred rejected tryouts for every one accepted tryout. You must have that same level of toughness and ability to handle criticism, complaint and possible rejection. One of the ways in which you can work on that is to form personal and deeply friendly relationships with your clientele in order to make them feel more at ease and in order to gently train yourself to hear and take criticism well. Remember, justification may get in the way of that, so try to listen quietly and respectfully.

Stick to your guns. While you are navigating transparency in business, there may be quite a few good ideas out there that seem good to adopt. Do not adopt these ideas right away, but be wise and discerning. More importantly, once you have found a system that works well for you, stick to your guns. In other words, remain strong. You chose your particular modus operandi because it has proven effective for you. Try to not be swayed by outside influence too easily.

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