Bamboo Cathedrals: Green Fine Art

Dishwasher Powder, Rust RemoverThe bamboo cathedral in question is, in fact, not a cathedral, although the shape is similar and thus it acquired the name. It is a cacao bar manufacturer in Indonesia, the first chocolate bar maker of its kind in that country, and the entire operation uses only 50% of non-renewable energy. In fact, the owner pulled in an old factory grinder that used to grind cacao beans and he now uses it for his cacao beans. The 50% of renewable energy comes from vegetable oil, and he is looking to install some type of solar rooftop device which will power the plant entirely and take his entire operation off of the grid. Talk about renewable resources.

The operation is in Indonesia and, when watching the video, it seems as if the building is not exactly air-tight, so it begs the question of how much rain the area receives and whether or not there are inner paneling which can be sealed up in times of wetness. The CNN report did not cover that, but the building does seem to offer well ventilated areas and plenty of dry sunshine to warm and help the grinding process stay consistent. The video may have also been showing the building during construction, which would have definitely shown air in between the basket-weaving effect of the bamboo walls.

The owner of the cacao bar company discusses with the CNN reporter how his operation is as eco friendly as possible, and how he used new and innovative ideas and simply implemented them, even though his company is the first of its particular kind in Indonesia. Apparently, cacao is shipped out as a raw material or as a finely ground powder. His company completes the bars on site, so that more local resources are used and his products are as high quality as possible.

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