Australian coastal line soon to be MIA

Disinfectant, Rust Remover, Radiator Coolant, Dishwasher Rinse AidMany countries with an open sea access have to overcome the issues of coastal line corrosion. As the levels of the sea go higher and higher, authorities confront with the biggest challenge yet: how to stop the giant sea from “eating-up” continents?

Australia and South Australia in particular, must deal with another issue, still related to the coastal line. As the country is fully developed, there have been massive constructions placed straight on the seashore. These represent millions of dollars invested in infrastructure and national development.

As the sea progresses, it is very possible that these constructions will be under water within a few decades. This would translate in massive losses, and will make all investors take their money out of the country, and into a more secure environment.

Perhaps the answer is to be found in developing more sustainable practices and responses to the environment.

Economical impact on sea line corrosion

Nobody would sit back and relax while tons of money and land are lost to nature. Only last year, the Australian government invested over 10 million dollars on a short distance to support the seashore protection. However, it can be said that this amount is insignificant when compared to the $500 millions Australia gets every year from its maritime businesses, such as fishing or trade.

The coastline extension goes far beyond 4,000 kilometers, thus necessitating a lot more investments to be made in order to solve this issue. It is worth mentioning that as the sea expands, it is very possible for the country to lose a lot of money it would have won as a touristic location. With the seashore,losing tracts of land to the sea, fresh investments especially for seashore hotels will see a drop. And the local administrations will have nowhere to build access roads and will face other issues when building fresh infrastructure along the beach.

As it can be seen, this environmental issue is capable of causing other severe problems to the Australian’s economy. Furthermore, the seashore problem is regarded as a constant issue, not only from the past and present, but also for the future. Many still have strong reservations regarding the construction of residential apartments or hotels close to the sea line.

Environmental impact on Australia’s seas

Because of the environment changes, also implying a growth in the human population, it is estimated that many species from Australia will disappear, or their numbers will severely diminish. Scientists state that as the sea progresses, the nutrient stratification will be made in reduced quantities. This will automatically lead to:

  • Changes in fish migration
  • Changes in species distribution
  • Changes in reproduction periods
  • New species invading territories

At this point, it is very easy to assume the connection between the economical and environmental factors. If any disturbance is caused in the ecosystem, fishing and implicit a branch of the Australian economy will be severely affected.

Many of the Australian coastal lines are under “repair”. Authorities continue with various attempts to stop the sea from progressing, and invest in hope of steady seashore. However, it is more than clear that at some point, nature will win. Different studies show that global warming is an issue both caused by nature, and accelerated by people. As the polar ice will continue to melt, so will the sea level keep rising.

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