Are you an EFB?

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Today Envirosafe Solutions considers the real meaning of environmentally friendly business (EFB.) What does it mean and what does it entail? Are you addressing and embracing sustainability and change in your workplace, or are you lagging behind the times and adhering to outmoded and environmentally harmful – possibly even irresponsible attitudes – that hurt your profit margin and may even damage your brand reputation in both the short and long term.

Here is a comprehensive outline of what it really means to be an EFB.

Are you an environmentally friendly business? The likelihood is you have begun to incorporate a few environmentally friendly approaches in the workplace. Perhaps you are less liberal with printing and paper usage than you were five years ago. Perhaps you turn off your computer or the lights on the way out of your office at the end of the day. Perhaps you even encourage others in the workplace to ride a bicycle or catch public transport, rather than drive to work each and every day solo.

These are, without a doubt, some of the steps you and I can take to become an EFB. But there are many more small and even larger, and more evident changes that will contribute to significant global environmental change.

The State Government of Qld released a Green Office Resource Guide that outlines what you can do to go green. Here are some of the main approaches you can address in your workplace:

  • Develop an energy efficiency goal
  • Develop a workplace lighting procedure
  • Develop a strategic information technology procedure – turn off computers when not in use, shut down computers, unplug from power point
  • Reduce air-conditioner use in the office.
  • Green procedures for kitchen
  • Develop a procurement policy
  • Purchase only environmentally sustainable equipment
  • Reduce paper products consumption
  • Carbon reduction policies – goals and strategies
  • Waste management – reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Behaviour management changes
  • Green office self-assessment reporting

The Australian Government’s Austrade site also weighs in on the approach, stating “being environmentally friendly is good for profits, good for Australia and good for the world.”[1]

One of the central focus areas of sustainable business is emissions trading and carbon pricing. The Business Council of Australia has developed the Sustainable Growth Task Force which advocates “an effective, sustainable response to climate change that is ultimately about moving from our current high-emission global economy…to a low-emission global economy.”[2] It also states that any emissions trading policy must accord with the BCA’s core values, and:

  • Be as least cost to the Australian community as possible
  • Use market based mechanics wherever possible and applicable
  • Try to maintain the viability of the domestic electricity sector
  • Develop protectionist strategies for trade-sensitive and export industry areas

An Environmentally Friendly Business therefore needs to implement new EF strategies and also remain competitive and realistic about the cost of these in a market based economy.

Envirosafe Solutions – as a business entity itself – clearly understands this dilemma, and has developed its range of eco-friendly liquid products in a cost-effective manner that will not erode your profits. Most of the Extreme Green range of liquids has high viscosity which means that initial capital outlay is partially cancelled by the high quality nature and concentration of the products. Minimal amounts are required because the Envirosafe Solutions range is not extended by water.

For more information on the Envirosafe Range of eco-friendly products, please visit our website products pages or contact a member of our sales team who will be able to help you in the choice and selection of products for your business.

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