We’re in for more heatwaves, stronger cyclones: IPCC Report

Eco Friendly, Marine Glass CleanerMore heatwaves and severe cyclones have been forecast by what has been described as the definitive verdict on climate change. More than 100 authors have contributed to the Special Report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). A summary of the 800-page tome presents a grim scenario.

Climate change is resulting in more extreme weather events according to a landmark report released by the IPCC in November, 2011.

The report brings together the work of more than 100 authors from across the globe, including Australia, and has been regarded as the final word on climate change, despite continued scepticism by green revolutioncritics.

The report claims:

  • Temperatures have become more extreme – hotter and colder days are being experienced across the globe due to rising greenhouse gases;
  • The frequency of hot days will increase by a factor of 10 in most regions of the world;
  • More intense and longer droughts have been observed;
  • Tropical cyclones are expected to become more severe, with heavier rain and stronger winds although their frequency is likely to remain the same or decrease.

IPCC Working Group II co-chair Chris Field said while the scenarios contained in the report were grim, there was scope for environmentally friendly action. Liquid acid rain, air pollution, rising ocean levels and water shortages should trigger reform, not despair.

“We hope this report can be a scientific foundation for sound decisions on infrastructure, urban development, public health, and insurance as well as for planning – from community organisations to international disaster risk management,” he said.

Australia’s Climate Change and Energy Efficiency minister Greg Combet welcomed the release of the Special Report.

“This report demonstrates that globally, climate change is likely to lead to more heatwaves, heavy rainfall and coastal inundation and droughts and tropical cyclones are projected to become more intense,” Mr Combet said.

“Australians are well acquainted with the devastating impacts of extreme events. In the past two years, much of the eastern states have been significantly impacted by events including heatwaves, bushfires, extreme flooding and cyclones.”

Climate change has been compounded by other environmental challenges, including increased pollution. The rise of a so-called ‘throw-away society’ has increased plastic waste while non-environmental cleaning products has contributed to water and soil pollution.

While threats are extreme, green activities believe positive social and policy change can stem climate change impacts.

“”The Government is working to reduce the severity of these impacts by reducing our carbon pollution as part of international efforts to tackle climate change, and adapting to the impacts that cannot be avoided,” Mr Combet said.

The green revolution underway among everyday Australians has been noticeable.

Australian environmental cleaning company Envirosafe Solution believes environmental concerns are driving the business sector toward more sustainable practices.

“The green revolution is becoming more mainstream,” Envirosafe Solutions director Murray Simon said. “There is a real acceptance that as consumers of the Earth’s natural resources we have reached a critical point. Small changes to the way we live our lives and run our businesses are creating positive change.”

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