Eco Friendly Industrial Steel

Glue Remover, Rust ConverterIn the past decade, both steel and lumber companies have received a great deal of bad press and publicity due to their seemingly detrimental effects upon the earth. While an argument can be made in support of either side, it is especially important to examine just exactly how these companies run their operations. Even ecologically sensitive people know that sometimes we need good steel and lumber, and sometimes these materials can be recovered and renovated from old structures to use in new structures. In fact, many current home improvement and home building television shows active illustrate how they took wood or steel from a previous, dilapidated building or home and reused it, with just as much practicality, in a new construction project. Environmentalists the world over often protest at how much waste can be avoided by using recovered and reestablished materials from torn down buildings or places which have fallen into disrepair.

While industrial steel used in foundations and in core structures of buildings is typically brand new, many companies, interior decorators, and architects are recommending, using, and publicly supporting the use of recovered wood and steel in the use of non-supporting facades, stylistic design, and even in core branding. Companies enjoy doing this because their headquarters can sometimes be lavish, seemingly costly structures which may not appeal to more hardcore environmentalists, but the use of recovered materials often softens their public image and helps them to seem more earth friendly. As any marketing strategist can tell you, in the eyes of the consumer, perception IS reality. If a company is perceived as eco friendly, or at the very least lenient on the subject, their image is more approachable, cleaner, and safer in the minds of their customers.

Envirosafe Solutions supports all use of effectively and safely recovered material in the use of new building and construction projects. We can take better care of our planet if we watch how well we manage our resources. For more information on using eco friendly surfactants, degreasers, and glass cleaners in your business, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.