Water, Water…

Glass cleaner, Fuel Conditioner, Toilet Bowl CleanerReducing your use of water and also conserving the available supply is at the heart of Australia’s sensibility in 2011. We are a coastal land and we need to understand that water is one of our most precious commodities and the regularity and normalcy of its supply is being tested and undermined by irrigation, man-made interventions and by dramatic shifts in climatic conditions which are resulting in a pattern of extreme weather conditions.

Education of the youth

One of the most effective ways to address the issue of water is to activate and generate education programmes that target the every young. Currently, conservation and green issues are being introduced into mainstream education systems across Australia – a situation that would actually have been unheard of twenty years ago.

There is a general shift and understanding that talk of water conservation and the need to understand the appropriate management of this resource is a must if Australia is to cope with the shifting global conditions that are currently underway.

The Water: Learn it for Life Programme[1]

This programme operates out of Queensland and is simply one of many examples of water wise programmes currently underway in Australia. This programme has been developed by the Queensland state Government and operates as a complete and comprehensive curriculum resource for primary aged students.

Some of the units of the programme include

  • The basics of the water cycle
  • How to conserve water
  • How to store and source water appropriately
  • How to use water efficiently
  • How to recycle
  • Alternative sources for water

This kind of programme that is developed at state government level and disseminated through to the education system symbolises a vital link between inter-governmental departments. This allows a flow of accurate and current information from specialised government agencies through to the youth of the state of Queensland.

The Role of Teachers

The role of teachers is vital in this education. While the information is available, it is up to the current crop of teachers and educators in Australia to source the kind of information that offers children a new understanding of water conservation issues. IT is also up to teachers to present the information in a light and manner that is engaging, hands on and practical.

The issue of water actually affect children locally, regionally and nationally as well as globally.  If children are presented with active and engaging modes of education on the subject, they are then able to develop and examine their own relationship with water and water conservation and even operated as harbingers of change within their own family system.

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[1] http://www.derm.qld.gov.au/waterwise/education/education/index.html