Viruses Making Batteries Non-Toxic

Did you ever think that a biological virus could innovate the battery industry and make batteries non-toxic? MIT biology researcher, Angela Belcher, and her team engineered a virus which can replace the workings of a lithium battery. The virus connects specific molecules together and conducts electricity, making the storage capacity of the new batteries the same as ordinary lithium batteries. This is an innovative breakthrough in how batteries are used and stored and thrown away.

In the past, lithium batteries have been a problem when it comes to disposability. Ordinary lithium batteries are toxic on the inside and must be disposed of properly in order to not be hazardous to people or to the environment. The waste content of lithium batteries alone, multiplied by how many batteries are thrown away each year, is an ecological nightmare. Fortunately, new batteries are being created which can be rechargeable and some of which are being engineered in safer and less toxic ways. In the past, the best way to cut down battery storage and disposal toxicity was to simply buy batteries which could be recharged and reused as many times as possible, in order to reduce waste.

Thankfully, this virus-powered battery is specifically designed to reduce costs in making batteries, as well as highly toxic chemicals necessary in the production process. If this virus can be designed to increase the battery power to current lithium battery power capabilities and it can be mass produced at a much lower cost per battery, which is already being developed and tested, then it may revolutionize the cost of battery powered energy as we know it today. Unfortunately, the term “virus” has a negative connotation, so many people will need to be educated on how the organic and non-organic technologies have been fused. The cost of educating the public on this can be quite expensive, so this new and improved battery may be delayed in public production.

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