Video Game Mentality

Rust Remover,Radiator Coolant,Dishwasher Rinse AidFor the past three years, researchers have found that the most effective and the fastest way to absorb information and increase motivation for learning and new adaptations to your lifestyle is through video games. Sometimes, these games are first person explorer based, and sometimes they are creative world based. Researchers have found that the reward system within your brain especially responds positively to the ranking up of, the challenge of, and the creativity inducing effects of these games. As you progress through each level, you become more fixated on increasing your abilities and knowledge and skill level so that you can move more quickly and more efficiently through increasingly complex systems. This highly addictive and yet highly effective reward system has been and can be used for educational purposes. How can we harness this incredible power to increase knowledge and awareness of our planet, and work together to achieve goals which further protect ecological systems?

Using the video game mentality, an education based learning initiative can be placed where individuals receive factual, real world based information as part of a leveled hierarchy of education. They can receive rewards, goals and points as they progress and they can do further research or information gathering in order to gain higher rankings in the game. This can be a socially based game, where individuals are able to see their own ranking with respect to their friends and thus foster a little competition in the learning initiative if they so choose to engage in this.

Socially based sites are already using experimental data and uploading of videos to share information about how best to grow plants in your apartment or use highly efficient hydroponic systems in small spaces to induce further sustainability in your home food consumption. On these sites, people from all over the world are able to upload videos and share information about how best they achieve sustainability results in their specific part of the world, depending upon the weather, soil type, and temperature.

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