The Importance of Biodegradable Liquids

‘Biodegradable’ is a term that gets kicked around a lot in environmental discussions. For several years now the biodegradable label has been a major selling point for eco-friendly products. Most people these days would understand the basic concept: biodegradable products are derived from organic materials, which means they can be safely disposed of. These products “degrade” over time through contact with air and water, eventually being absorbed back into the earth. Conversely, non biodegradable products will float around for hundreds of years to come, creating huge landfills and polluting the environment.[1]

The dangers of non biodegradable plastics have been a prominent theme in environmental campaigning for a long time. The images that immediately jump to mind are those of polyethylene shopping bags floating in the ocean and turtles choking on plastic six pack rings. There has been a significant trend in recent years toward reducing the use of these plastics and finding biodegradable alternatives.

Less documented, but no less serious, is the danger posed by non biodegradable liquids. You can’t necessarily see liquid waste, but it certainly exists and is a serious problem. While it’s tempting to think that liquid products simply disappear once they’ve been washed away, in reality the chemical components can linger around in soil and water for years. Many of the chemicals used to make detergents and other cleaning products are inorganic, meaning they cannot be broken down and absorbed into the earth. These substances can remain active for long periods of time. Inorganic chemicals in our rivers and oceans cause serious damage to marine life, poisoning plants and fish.[2]

It’s not something we often think about when we wash our car or scrub the bathroom floor, but the products we use will eventually all wind up in the same place – our waterways. Australia is the driest inhabited continent on Earth, and we should be extremely wary of what we put into our water system. Can we really afford to pollute our most precious resource?

It is therefore imperative that we develop biodegradable alternatives to the pollutant chemicals that are currently used in so many industrial liquids. Envirosafe Solutions is at the forefront of research in this field. We believe that there is always a greener alternative, and we’re constantly exploring the possibilities. Biodegradable liquids are the future of Australia’s environment, and we’re hard at work to make this goal a reality.

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