The “Broom” Chair

The “Broom” ChairThe Broom chair from Emeco and Philippe Starck is a new innovation in contemporary, Eco friendly furniture. The chair, which resembles an ordinary plastic stackable chair, is made of seventy five percent reclaimed polypropylene, fifteen percent reclaimed wood fiber, and ten percent glass fiber, giving it a lightweight appearance and feel, along with a sturdy, manageable and safe body. The broom chair is intended to serve as an ordinary chair, and the name derives from the fact that the material to make the chair can easily be found and recovered from lumber plants and plastic factories. In other words, any guy in those places who is just sweeping up the floor can take the material and turn it into a chair, so the creators decided to call it a “broom” chair.

This phenomenon can occur in many other ways. Leftover or discarded material from any industrial site, any non-renewable resources, and any thrift store for that matter can be taken and constructed into something better and more pleasing to the eye, not to mention something which is useful. While non-Eco friendly products and materials cannot easily or safely be broken down, they can be constructed into something else and made useful in that respect. In this manner, non-sustainable materials really CAN be reused over and over again, thus becoming sustainable or renewable resources. It is this thriftiness and foresight which makes companies like Emeco and designers like Philippe Starck the successes and the world acclaimed artists that they are.

This is also another form of self sufficiency. When someone is able to take raw composite materials and turn it into a useful and practical object which can then be place on the market and sold and resold, then consumers are directly benefited by this and the economy is also directly stimulated by this. Envirosafe Solutions does the same thing. We take basic chemicals and combine them to form safe, Eco friendly chemical solutions for your worksite or home or office. We strive to make working and being at your business one of the most enjoyable and effective times of your life. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.