Purchasing from Envirosafe Solutions

Purchasing from Envirosafe SolutionsThis article is intended for general readership and strives to discuss how ordinary purchase orders, bulk orders, household shipments, and answers to common questions can be derived from our website. Envirosafe Solutions offers a variety of chemical solutions, including but not limited to, cleaning solvents, rust problem solvers, fuel treatments, soil wetting agents, and many other compounds intended to serve industrial, cleaning, agricultural, and regular household use.

The first thing we offer is a 30 day money back guarantee, so as to safeguard your initial and subsequent monetary investment in our company. We understand that eco friendly products are not always as effective or designed as efficiently as they should be, and we strive to develop high quality and ongoing relationships with our customers. We would not wish such an unfortunate incident to happen to you.

We strongly urge you to try out the smallest available quantities of any products which you have an interest in testing out in your own workplace or home environment. We also encourage you to try out a variety of our products, since we have worked long and hard on developing just the correct solutions for each of your industrial needs. We are not a one-trick-wonder. We would like for you to have confidence in the company as a whole, rather than having any qualms about trying out our other products. Please test us out and run us through the ringer, so that we can serve you in the most efficient way possible. We want you to put us through our paces. Otherwise, how will we know to better serve your needs the next time we do business together?

If you are in charge of purchase orders and have never bought from us before, we urge you to use our industrial strength products with minimal effort and with high supervision, so that you can order from us in the future, having full confidence that we deliver materials and products which work and many of which are septic-safe. Check the product information on each product to see how we have evaluated the septic safety of each item. It will vary per item.

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