Protecting Our Oceans From Acidification

Eco Friendly Industrial Liquid, Extreme GreenRob Dunbar gave a TED Talk on discovering climate change by testing sea beds and ice layers near the poles. He has gone on many expeditions involving tunneling through coral and layers of sea bed rock in order to get a sampling of the layers of sediment and ice which have developed over the years and millenniums. He has discovered that you can test to see how old coral is, what was occurring in the water at the time of its death through many years’ worth of layering, and that you can determine how old a layer is which is found in sea ice and sea beds. Dunbar shows us how we can find out similar climate change to the change we have now and the warmer temperatures our globe will be experiencing in the future simply by getting a very long sample drill tube of material and testing it in the laboratory.

Rob Dunbar found out when the last occurrence of our planet being this warm was, and he gives advice on how we can decrease our carbon emissions. However, at the end of his talk, he stresses how carbon emissions are really affecting the acidification of our ocean waters and that that fact cannot be disputed. Sea life, especially crustaceans which use minerals from the ocean water to build their shells are not able to live under these circumstances. This also affects human life, and both ocean acidification and ice melting have contributed to sea levels rising six metres in the past several years, which is fine for those of us who live on land which sits quite high above the sea, but it is very dangerous for inhabited islands which only have a one metre rise above sea level.

Reducing our carbon emissions is not simply to reduce air pollution. Much, or most, of our water is polluted by manmade carbon emissions. This means that we need to find alternative fuels to reduce this pollution as quickly as possible. In the meantime, Envirosafe Solutions has eco friendly radiator cleaner and coolant and fuel conditioner and diesel bug killer…all safe and environmentally friendly. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.