Product Focus – Extreme Green Truck Wash

Multi Purpose Lubricant, Fuel Conditioner, Diesel Bug Killer

Trucks get downright dirty. Big trucks and small trucks, mining trucks and road transport vehicles all contend with the Australian dust and dirt and climate on a daily basis. So too does farm machinery as well as the good old Aussie car or 4Wheel drive or bus travelling along a coastal highway or a desert road. After a few days or even just a short distance, the dust and dirt can cake on and stick, and play havoc with visibility, duco and the shiny smooth surface of your much loved work or play vehicle.

Originally developed for machine washing of vehicles, Extreme Green Truck Wash can also be used to hand wash your truck or car, and because it is manufactured from an excellent blend of “high-foaming, grease loving surfactants and emulsifiers that effectively remove dirt, grease and grime,” you can be sure any vehicle you clean with this product will shine and glisten like new.[1]

There are a number of central benefits to Extreme Green Truck Wash. Because it is so highly concentrated, far less than usual is needed for the toughest of washing tasks, and this translates to greater cost-savings for you and your business. Additionally, it is safe to use on all hard metal vehicular surfaces and will not leave any film or streaking on the surface after rinsing. This actually cuts down on work and chamois time, and means that cleaning tasks are performed more quickly than when using lesser quality vehicle wash products.

And of course – as is the case with all the Extreme Green Envirosafe Solutions range, it is 100%  proudly Australian owned, which means that your spent dollars remain within the confines of the Australian economy and help to build a greener and more financially stable and independent nation that provides employment and opportunity to its inhabitants. Envirosafe Solutions is proud of its nation-building approach to business, and sees this as a brand point of difference that cannot be stressed highly enough in this era of frequent and pronounced off-shoring of business and industry.

Like other liquids from the Extreme Green range, Truck Wash is also fully biodegradable and phosphate free. Applied at a dilution ration of 1:50, it can be applied either manually or by pressure washer, foam fun, steam cleaner of car wash system. In the case of extremely encrusted grime and mud, there is no need to source a secondary product. Rather, Truck Wash’s unique formulation means that all that is required is a slight adjustment to dilution ratios so that the liquid concentration is higher in the water. A ration of approximately 1:10 should suffice in such cases. Where the encrustation is maximal and extreme, a “neat application” of Truck Wash – left for 5 to 10 minutes then removed, will shift stubborn encrustations and pave the way for a full surface clean.

If you require an exemplary truck or vehicle washing and cleaning liquid suitable for both light and heavy build-ups, do not hesitate to call Envirosafe Solutions to enquire about their 3 star green rating Truck Wash liquid product. Call an Envirosafe Solutions team member now on 1300 889070.