On the Nose? – Not anymore..

Anyone who’s been near a long drop toilet, septic system or holding pond knows that odour control is a serious issue – and this is especially true in the summer months. People who work with these systems need an effective and reliable odour control agent. The problem is that many such products are made from harmful chemicals that pollute our waterways and threaten our health.

A toxic petro-solvent product will certainly get rid of odours – temporarily, at least – but what happens once it’s flushed down the drain? At Envirosafe Solutions we don’t believe in pollution for the sake of cleaning and comfort.

Waste & Odour Treatment from the new ‘Extreme Green’ range doesn’t simply kill odours with harsh chemicals. It’s much more intelligent than that. This product works by a process of fermentation, utilising naturally-occurring compounds within waste. Waste & Odour Treatment stimulates microbiological activity which then attacks sludge and odour. Waste build ups are eaten away naturally by an army of microbes. In effect, Waste & Odour Treatment simply triggers the process, and then sits back and makes nature do all the hard work. Pretty clever, hey?

Waste & Odour Treatment is by no means limited to septic systems and odour control. There are a hundred and one uses for this ingenious product. Waste & Odour Treatment can be used in soiled animals enclosures, as an odour control solution as well as a general floor and wall cleaner.

Waste & Odour Treatment is perfectly safe to use in your kitchen and food preparation areas. Wipe down your bench tops to keep them clean and odour-free, then wash it all away without fear of polluting the water. Waste & Odour Treatment can even be sprayed over compost and manure to accelerate the organic breakdown process.

The real beauty of Waste & Odour Treatment is that it keeps on working even after it’s been flushed away. The ingredients in this product boost microbe activity inside the drain, eating away at blockages and keeping your pipes flowing freely.

Waste & Odour Treatment is further evidence of nature’s impressive cleaning powers. At Envirosafe Solutions we believe that there is a natural alternative to all harsh chemical products – and we are making them available to Australian businesses as fast as we can. Waste and odour management doesn’t need large quantities of toxic chemicals. What it needs is an intelligent product that harnesses the power of nature

For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions can assist you with odour control and waste management, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.