New reference raises the bar on environmental mining standards

Fuel Conditioner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Glue RemoverA new reference guide will further improve environmental mining standards across the globe. It covers everything from mine site rehabilitation to dust suppression and reducing diesel exhaust emissions (Envirosafe Solutions’ eco-friendly liquid products Soil Wetta-Dust Suppressor and Diesel Bug Killer deal specifically with these problems).

A new guide to sustainable mining practices has been launched by Federal Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson.

The booklet A Guide to Leading Practice Sustainable Development in Mining was launched at the Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices in July.

The new guide draws together the major lessons from a series of best practice handbooks first developed in 1995.

“As a world leader in resource development it is fitting that Australia is also at the forefront of developing best practice when it comes to mine sustainability,” Mr Ferguson said.

“The 14 handbooks produced to date have made a practical contribution to improving mining practices both here and around the world with over 100,000 copies being distributed.

“They have been translated and used as reference material in workshops and conferences as far afield as Afghanistan, Botswana, Ghana, Iceland, Iraq, Mongolia, Peru, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

“This latest publication, as with the earlier handbooks, integrates environmental, economic and social aspects through all phrases of mineral production drawing on expertise from government, industry, academia and non-government organisations.”

The new guide briefly outlines the following key points contained in each of the 14 handbooks:

  • Airborne contaminants, noise and vibration which includes the emissions of dust, diesel and silica particulates. Envirosafe Solutions’ Diesel Bug Killer is an eco-friendly liquid product which completely removes water – and oxygen – from fuel sources. This suffocates microscopic contaminants and prevents damage to engine parts while improving fuel efficiency and reducing dangerous exhaust emissions;
  • Biodiversity management to protect delicate flora and fauna systems;
  • Community engagement and development;
  • Cyanide management to minimise health and environment risks in keeping with the International Cyanide Management Code;
  • Evaluating performance including detailed environmental impact assessments;
  • Hazardous materials management which includes the storage and transportation of chemicals. Each of Envirosafe Solutions’ environmental cleaning products carry a hazard rating on their labels;
  • Managing acid and metalliferous drainage to deal with the issue of sulfide oxidation resulting from mining activities;
  • Mine closure and completion to reduce the legacy of abandoned mines;
  • Mine rehabilitation;
  • Risk management;
  • Stewardship;
  • Tailings management (tailings are mineral waste);
  • Water management which can be improved by reducing chemical usage through non-toxic, biodegradable eco-friendly industrial liquids;
  • Working with indigenous communities.

The environmental and social legacy from mining can be minimised through careful planning, research and technology.

Australian-developed resources such as the recently released A Guide to Leading Practice Sustainable Development in Mining and booklets are an invaluable resource for mine managers across the globe.

Environmental impacts can be reduced through the use of eco-friendly industrial liquids at mine sites. For more information on Envirosafe Solutions’ Extreme Green mining range call 1300 88 90 70 or email