How Green is Bamboo?

Dishwashing Liquid, DisinfectantIn recent years, bamboo has been touted as the eco friendly substance of the future, and many home renovations and clothing and furniture are being made out of bamboo in order to seem eco friendly. How true is the legend that bamboo is better than wood and more sustainable than many other materials? After all, if we are more likely to buy something because it is made of bamboo and appears to be more eco friendly, then it would be wise to investigate the motivations behind our intent to buy.

One of the greatest cons of using bamboo is the fact that many products, such as flooring, cannot be made out of bamboo without also using highly toxic chemicals in the mix in order to make the product more reliable and more durable. Many things which are made of bamboo, especially highly used and easily scratched surfaces, must be treated in less-than-eco-friendly ways in order to live up to the hype of being reliable and high quality. Clearly, bamboo is not more eco friendly in these instances. In addition to that, many bamboo crops are grown in China and shipped around the world, making it less green per pound of petroleum which is necessary to ship it overseas. Perhaps a local plantation would be best for that.

Fortunately, bamboo does also have some positive and green traits, one of the largest being that it is easily grown and grows very quickly. While wood from trees takes really long time to grow and is then chopped down and used up quickly, bamboo can be replanted and replanted and the time of growth is very short. It is a bit like making things out of cotton, which can be planted as a crop and is very sustainable. Bamboo can grow up to four feet in a single day, is cheap to produce and to use, and is versatile in a high number of uses, from the bark to the grass to the foamy white insides.

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