Green Travel

Envirosafe Solutions encourages all householders to consider their sustainability practices within the home, and also to consider the way in which they travel to and from work and to and from recreational activities or social events of a weekend. According to the Australian Government’s Living Greener website, “the average passenger car travels 13,700 kilometres per year and emits 3.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide. And, for every litre of petrol used in a motor vehicle, 2.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide are emitted from the exhaust.”[1]

In today’s world, we have an acute dependence on our cars and while they are convenient, mostly reliable and facilitate ease of travel, they are a grave threat to the atmosphere because of their CO2 emissions.  But there are a number of simple actions we can take that can reduce our own contributions to greenhouse gases and help shift the world towards a brighter and greener future.

  • When purchasing a new or a used car, be sure to research the efficiency of make and model on the Australian governments Green Vehicle Guide website. The site helps with a simple and effective rating system that is “calculated using data provided by manufacturers from testing the vehicle against Australian standards.” [2]
  • Use public transport. Every time you use public transport it makes a difference! It’s never too little…or too late. Have you ever noticed how many peak hour cars hold only one individual? Take a brisk walk to the train station or the bus or the ferry and read the paper on the way to work. You’ll get some exercise in as an added bonus.
  • Have you thought about car-pooling? Car-pooling is an extremely effective method of reducing emissions and costs to consumers. Are there a few employees in your place of business who live near each other? Perhaps you could settle on a collection point and take one car from there to your collective destination.
  • Ride a bicycle the whole or part of the way to work or to school. You’ll save a fortune in petrol and it will do wonders for your heart, lungs and general health.

Committing to a reduction in the use of a motor vehicle is not a “huge ask.” It simply requires forward planning and thinking, and a willingness to change some ingrained habits that are interlinked with our strong dependence on that motor vehicle out in the garage. Try a few small and simple changes to begin with and work up from there.  It’s never too late to join the Green Revolution.

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