Green Marketing for your Business

Eco Friendly, Environmental Cleaning ProductsWhen you are setting up your company, it is important to be socially conscious. This not only applies if your business is advertised as eco friendly, but also if you simply wish to reduce emissions while lowering costs. There are many different ways to accomplish this, depending upon your target clientele, of course. For instance, you may wish to list the reliability and the years of experience you have had in the green marketplace if your target customers are small business owners or managers who seek reliability and stability in their business partnerships. If your target customers are looking for affordable, luxurious and comfortable overnight stays, your green marketing strategy should include beauty, inspiration, and, of course, a commitment to quality. Let us look at an example of successful green marketing which covers several different needs.

In June of 2011, Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown Lakefront, a brand of Hilton Worldwide, revealed a giant green living wall in the hotel’s sky lobby. A living wall is a vertical garden, where a wall with a unique irrigation system and features is planted with thousands of plants (three thousand eight hundred and forty, in this case) and the plants are able to grow and thrive due to the efficient irrigation setup within the wall.

Beginning at one end of the spectrum, the wall is a great way to attract environmentalists, since it provides a total oxygen supply indoors which is equivalent to 16 fourteen-foot-tall trees. This cuts down on energy spent circulating fresh air from outdoors, as well as supporting knowledge of plant growth among the community. According to Denise Eichmann, Senior Project Manager for Ambius Project Development North America, there are six species of plants on the wall, the arboricola, the hardy neon, the rex begonia, the rabbit foot fern, and the golden pothos.

Next, we move on to lightly eco-conscious hotel guests. Such a hearty support of earth friendly productivity on the part of Hilton Worldwide will be seen positively by hotel guests who wish to know that they are staying in an earth friendly (and comfortable) hotel, but who also are not interested in becoming fanatics of the subjects. This is advertising through the creation of an atmosphere which is pleasing to the customer.

Thirdly, we now address the hotel guests or visitors who are only somewhat interested in green life and preserving our planet. While they may not reap the full benefits of understanding how good for the environment and oxygen supply and energy consumption the green wall really is, they are able to enjoy its beauty. Art, gardens, and living things are all inspirational.

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