Detoxify From Carbon Fuels

While carbon emissions are affecting our oceans, our ozone layer, our air, and our plant life, they are also affecting our bodies. Therefore, it is a good idea to know some effective ways of detoxifying from carbon emissions. Our respiratory systems, our bloodstream, and our skin are all affected by harsh chemicals and should be treated accordingly. What are some things which you can try which may eliminate toxins in your body?

Cleaning your respiratory system

Your respiratory system is affected by your immune system, so it is a good idea to strengthen both. Drinking aloe vera gel and fruit and vegetable juices help to rebuild decaying or weakened cells, especially if you are a smoker. Another method that is very popular is loosening dried and stuck-on particles within your respiratory system by spending regular weekly (three times a week is recommended) times in a hot sauna, breathing in the hot humid clean air. This also helps your cells and your respiratory system to become more flexible and resilient to harsh chemicals or outside toxins.

Cleaning your bloodstream

Your bloodstream protects you from radiation, repairs damages cells, and carries oxygen to all parts of your body. Therefore, a good strong blood cleansing is highly recommended. Fasting helps to detoxify your body from chemicals which are regularly ingested and regularly inhaled. Whether or not you choose to fast, drinking liquid chlorophyll is also high advantageous, since it strengthens red blood cells and vein and artery walls, making them more resilient and flexible. To pull out build up on your vein and artery walls, many alternative therapy followers use an ion cleanse, which is a footbath that draws solid impurities directly out of the feet and into the water.

Cleaning your skin

Your skin is your largest organ and it serves many functions, from protecting inner tissue to regulating bodily temperatures to eliminating toxins through its porous surface. Skin is elastic and resilient and easily repaired. However, proper skin cleansing and purification is necessary in order to not allow things to become all clogged up and stiff. So, one of the first things you can do is mix plenty of oil and water in the foods you eat. Skin is one of the few places on earth where oil and water coexist and mingle happily, so be sure to plenty of good fat like whole butter, whole fresh milk and drink plenty of water. Many people enjoy drinking raw milk, since the coagulants are better absorbed through the body when they are in their original form. However, that is subject to discretion, since raw milk is unpasteurized and un-homogenized, which some may find to be risky.

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