Creating Your Own Garden Compost

Dishwasher Powder, Disinfectant, Rust RemoverCreating your own garden compost is a wonderful way to add to your environment, maintain eco friendly viability and to continue sustainability on our planet. In a recent article by Bonnie Grant, she describes how compost is a living organism which contains both nutrition and aeration. You must be very careful in maintaining this good supplementation to your garden. Not many gardeners take composting seriously, but it must be remembered that refined, sifted or thinned soil of any kind contains less bacteria, fewer organisms, and less decomposition. It is this rotting, moisture, decay, and breakdown of organic material which adds nutrition and “spices” to the food of the plant. The best compost provides the best food for your plants. This is why it is such a good idea to reuse unprocessed plant materials and return them to the ground in the agricultural industry. All breakdown of organic matter is beneficial to your crops, but breakdown of specific plants will return that same plant nutrition to the ground to help fuel the next crop of the same or similar plants. The entire process is highly self sufficient and, more importantly, it uses all parts of the organic decay in the growth process. Nothing is wasted or un-reusable, which is the entire basis for our current eco friendly movement.

Creating your own garden compost can be as simple as turning your composter over every day and adding all of your kitchen scraps to the compost in order to keep a balanced salad of decay, or it can be as complex as planning what chemistry you want to feed your plants or what will go best with them, then planning what type of decay and organic materials should be in your compost, putting in the appropriate worms to facilitate the decomposition, and even purchasing a special composter which will keep everything moist but still aerated and loose at all times. Whether it is for your own garden, for a city-wide flower operation, or for something a bit more widespread, decay needs to be rich and varied, and the soil should be both loose and moist. It is only with the correct amount of moisture that decay can be achieved.

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