Climate change a threat to great Aussie holiday

Disinfectant,Rust Remover, Radiator CoolantGoing green makes business sense for tourism operators

The perfect Aussie holiday can be relaxing on sun-kissed beaches, exploring rugged countryside or splurging on a city shopping spree. The lure of Australian destinations has made tourism a multi-billion dollar industry. The challenge for operators and travellers is to ensure it’s left unspoiled for the next holiday.

Simply getting to a holiday destination in Australia can be a carbon-burning experience!

Vast distances separate capital cities and air, rail and road travel can be a major part of a holiday’s carbon footprint.

For this reason many discerning travellers are conscious of choosing extreme green travel options where possible.

This may include choosing to holiday closer to home and walking, cycling or using public transport to explore their destination.

Hotels and resorts with eco-credentials (such as reduced energy consumption, recycling programs and the use of environmental cleaning products) have strong appeal.

The Federal Government’s Climate Change Guide (Mitigation and Adaptation Measures for Australian Tourism Operators) claims climate change poses a significant threat to the tourism industry. It may:

  • Decrease tourism in areas where fire, cyclone or flooding risks may increase;
  • Decrease winter tourism due to reductions in frequency and volume of snow and shorter seasons.

Toxic chemicals

Joining the green revolution involves reducing energy, waste and chemicals. According to the guide, the use of non-environmentally friendly liquids can have significant effects on both the environment and health.

“Chemicals are often overlooked as a contributor to climate change. However, the production, use and disposal of chemicals can have far-reaching effects for both the natural environment and human health.”

Environmentally friendly liquids can be used to replace traditional cleaners in hotels and resorts. Switching to eco-friendly industrial liquids (such as the leading Extreme Green range from Australian supplier Envirosafe Solutions) in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry will not only bring environmental benefits but also boost green credentials and guest relations.

Supply chain

The guide recommends tourism operators develop and adopt a sustainable procurement policy to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions built-in to their purchases.

“Australia is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. If levels of greenhouse gases continue to rise, the resulting climate change could lead to serious impacts on coastal communities, iconic areas such as the Great Barrier Reef, and the Kakadu wetlands, biodiversity, agriculture, water supplies, human health, transport and communications infrastructure.”

The tourism industry contributed $38.9 billion to Australia’s GDP in 2006-07 and a sustainable industry in the future requires a commitment to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Hotel and resort operators making the switch to greener practices are reaping environmental, health and business rewards. For more information on environmental cleaning products for the tourism industry contact Envirosafe Solutions’ on 1300 88 90 70 or email