Can A Company Be ‘Guaranteed Green’?

Dishwasher Rinse Aid, Fabric Conditioner, Laundry Powder“There’s no such thing as a sure thing.” This is often quoted by the cynical and the skeptical, and most people do not go so far as to believe in absolutes, like a guarantee. We are all aware of human nature and the potential for messing up the best laid plans. Some of us are naturally hopeful and some of us are naturally doubtful, but none of us ever really believe in human perfection…at least, not in this life. So can a company be completely environmentally friendly? Can an eco friendly business actually guarantee the economics of their product or service?

The answer is: No. Due to our all-too-apparent human fallibility, no company can make such a guarantee and follow through with perfect exactitude. At Envirosafe Solutions, we offer environmentally safe cleaning solvents and products for your corporate and industrial needs. We have a solid reputation and a long line of satisfied customers. However, we do not claim to be infallible. We do offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, though. You must have used less than 1/10th of the total product and you must write to us with a reason for return within 30 days of the date of sale. We will pay the shipping to send you replacement products, but you must pay the return shipping for unused product, unless it is actually defective.

How is Envirosafe Solutions able to make such a guarantee, when anyone could return our products after using a small portion of them? We are so confident in the effectiveness of our eco friendly Extreme Green cleaning solutions, that we know that you will be a lifelong customer of ours. Alright, alright, we have given you a Money Back Guarantee, but what about our example? Do we actually use our own products in our own business?

You bet. We only use our eco friendly liquid products in our company. You can come by our offices and see for yourself. We are Unit 12 of 3 King Edward Road in Osborne Park, Western Australia. We would love to see you! If you do not fancy a drive to our physical location, give us a call at: (+61) 1300 88 90 70. If you are trying to make your company more eco friendly, the easiest way is to begin using our Extreme Green cleaning products in the care and maintenance of your worksite.