Australian Mining and Land Deals in Fiji

Dishwashing Liquid, DisinfectantA previously undeveloped area in Fiji filled with copper ore, one of the largest in the world, was recently acquired by Newcrest Mining, an Australian mining company which possesses over a seventy percent stake in the proposed mine. The area set aside for the mining development lies just northwest of Suva and would bring in a great many Fijian jobs, both temporary and permanent employment, and stimulate the local economy which is sore need of repair, anyway. However, concerns about waste disposal and infecting local water supply and the flood plain which lies downstream from the area are making some protest over the proposed mining operation.

On the one hand, the Fijian economy could use the boost from the two thousand temporary jobs which would be filled, and the later thousand permanent job positions which would be available. Since this is one of the richest untapped deposits on the globe, it is not surprising that any mining company would want to take advantage of their majority stake in the operation, and set up and get started. Perhaps, the reason why it has not been started prior to this time has been for research on how to handle the flooding problem and the potential toxicity which would need to be alleviated from the mining operations in their waste materials disposal.

On the other hand, toxicity and waste from a copper mine would be very poisonous and the area must be thoroughly documented and researched to make sure that this will not affect the water supply, the flood plain which lies downstream of the proposed mine site, or the inhabitants which live near the flood plain. Even the increase is waste disposal from such a large project site, and it should be reiterated that this is one of the largest undeveloped areas for copper, could cause a strain of volume only on the local waste system, not to mention the affects it may have on ecological systems which are native to that area.

It is a project which must be studied and researched carefully and thoroughly before started in such a potentially critical area.

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