Are All Plastics Biodegradable?

Eco Friendly, Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash, Fuel ConditionerIt seems that the consumer market is either filled with expensive biodegradable plastics or cheap, affordable non eco friendly plastics. Is it worth the cost to pay more for the better material? You bet it is. Studies have shown that companies are carefully evaluating how well their products are doing in the market and what factors affect sales, including consumer interest in environmentally friendly products. Even businesses which are notoriously in the market targeting low income household and multiple child families are conscious of how their products are perceived by the ecologically sensitive classes.

Unfortunately, many customers believe that companies would rather make an extra dollar and will not care what their choices are in eco friendly consumer products. This is not true. Even if low income households switched temporarily to more expensive and more environmentally friendly goods, the statistics would reflect this and business owners would begin reevaluating how they approach their changing markets.

Fortunately, this may not even be all that necessary. Modern plastics companies are still focused on making low cost plastics, but their primary aim is in making sure that all target audiences are satisfied, especially the ‘green’ audiences. Their goals reflect a sincere desire to develop a newer, smarter, lighter weight, more durable plastic which can be used in many different manufacturing venues, from computer products to grocery goods to children’s toys.

Today, not all plastics are biodegradable, but we are coming remarkably close to a world where the majority of mass produced plastics are durable but also eco friendly and safe for our planet. Today, companies are acting solely upon the needs, expectations and desires of their customers, and their customers are demanding more, demanding better, and demanding safer products. Plastics are actually just a small part of this global movement to reduce our carbon footprint and create greater sustainability. Envirosafe Solutions is dedicated to producing high quality and eco friendly kitchen products, laundry products, and toilet treatments. Our goal is to fully contribute to this effort in making our planet a happier, healthier place to live. Contact us today to order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.