Small Spills Aren’t Thrills

Any kind of hazardous waste spill can be toxic, dangerous and potentially threatening to a population. On a large scale, one only needs to consider recent events such as the Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant incident to understand the full ramifications of a massive spill or leakage of toxic material. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, in the case of Fukushima there is some risk of radiation contamination through exposure to foodstuff s such as milk and vegetables with radioactive casein and radioactive iodine detected in these products. There is also a continued twenty km exclusion zone around the site, which has meant the complete cessation of entire communities and populations which will now need to be rehoused. [1]

Like Exxon Valdez and the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Fukushima Daiichi situation is a worst case scenario, gaining major news coverage globally and impacting communities, flora and fauna in extreme ways. But all over the globe, each day, there are literally millions of spills and accidents involving toxic materials that go unchecked, unnoticed and untreated. When there is a clean-up of these mini-spills, they are often performed haphazardly and without due attention, resulting in residual toxic material being left to seep into drain systems, waterways, the groundwater table, the soil and the immediate environment. Oils and petroleum are particularly onerous spill materials, because of this ready ability to leach into the soil and to nearby waterways.

Envirosafe Solutions has formulated an excellent product response to this type of accident, with its Extreme Green SpillZorbe/Zeolite. SpillZorbe/Zeolite is tested to USEPA standards and does not leach into landfill once removed and deposited there in accordance with safe disposal methods.

The natural bonding action of the zeolite makes it a great deal more successful in adsorption and absorption and its particle size gradation successfully maximizes its surface area and therefore its efficacy. It can also be used for bitumen spills, mild acids and alkalis, paint and ink and dyes as well as various other organic toxins.[2] SpillZorbe/Zeolite also has a maximum Envirosafe Hazard rating for health, environment and transport and storage, making it safer to use in the home and the workshop.

It is fully biodegradable, and easy to use; “simply spread the Zeolite around the perimeter of the spill then work in from the edges towards the centre until no free liquid is visible.”[3] It’s as simple as that. However, always dispose of it appropriately in accordance with any local, state and federal regulations.

A spill does not have to be a major global event to require careful attention. Be aware of the smaller spills that occur every day around the house, the workshop, the garage and the office. And be sure to use a quality product that can clean up the residue quickly and effectively.

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