Green Job Growth Opens Doors to Employment

Environmental Cleaning Products, Disinfectant,Rust Remover, Radiator CoolantNew industries always seem to provide employment opportunities for those with the willingness to learn new technologies or new trades. While the basic renewable energy sources have been around for many years now, resources such as solar, wind, and water power have been slow to develop because of a reluctance to shift away from traditional energy sources. However, with a global push to reduce the use of fossil fuels and the dependence on oil, these industries are finally seeing a surge in growth resulting in a growth in jobs in the green industry.

Even as the nation suffers high unemployment, industries associated with alternative energy are looking for those that understand the ethical basis and technological advancements that are now driving the push towards alternative energy modes. Because this sector is relatively new and still very much evolving, a groundswell of experience and an historical blueprint for various methodologies is not actually available. Certainly tertiary institutions have begun to embrace new areas such as Environmental Science or Green Accounting, for example. Other faculties such as architecture, engineering and science are also developing new courses that herald a new era of employment and work.

Solar Energy Installation Issue

One of the biggest opportunities in the green job industry in 2009-2010 in Australia was for installers for solar energy in residential and commercial applications. In Australia this scheme took hold with incredible gusto and was supported wholeheartedly by the Federal Government under Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. The solar energy industry boomed, with various rebates and discounts available to Australian business and families ready to move with the new scheme. The industry boomed and became an incredible growth area, but in 2011, the Gillard government put an end to the Solar Credit Scheme and the industry virtually stopped overnight. One solar installer, Ged McCarthy, who is also chair of the Solar Energy Industries Association said the government support and then withdrawal of credits and rebates highlights just what can be done for green employment and what can be undone for green employment and industry when a government offers and then retreats from committed support.[1]

Wind Farms Offer Work

Another form of alternative energy generation is wind energy and the construction of the new Wind Farms  has developed into a new green employment area. According to a recent paper delivered by The Australia Institute, Wind Farms, The Facts and the Fallacies, wind farms and wind energy “ is competitive with all other sources of renewable energy. The evidence indicates that if electricity generators were required to internalise the cost of pollution, it would also be competitive with coal and gas fired power stations, particularly by 2020.”[2] As the sector grows, so shall the opportunity for employment and training.

In 2009, Fast Company stated that the job market would reach a point of extreme contrasts. Some jobs would be eviscerated while others face worker shortages, and yet despite the global financial crisis, there would still many green jobs on the horizon. According to Alison Doyle, “green jobs are arriving in two breeds; some will be at specialized firms that reduce human environmental impact, like environmental consultancies, while others will simply be jobs at environmentally friendly companies.”[3]

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