Dust Suppression & Soil Wetting Agents – All Products Are Not The Same!

It’s a dry and dusty country we live in – any Australian could tell you that. Dust is a domestic nuisance that all of us have to live with. But for those in the earthmoving, mining and construction industries, controlling dust is much more than an issue of comfort; it’s a major part of the job that requires professional solutions and attention to detail. Uncontrolled dust on the work site can have expensive and potentially dangerous consequences.

Dust suppression is a water-intensive exercise, and a great balancing act in this drought-stricken country of ours. Water is the most precious resource we have in Australia, and it’s absolutely vital that we use it sparingly. Poor water absorption in soils and road bases costs your business time and money, and it costs the country precious water resources. Using an effective wetting agent ensures that you’re getting the most of your water usage and none is going to waste.

Soil Wetta/Dust Suppressor a new product from the ‘Extreme Green’ range by Envirosafe Solutions, is a highly active, deeply penetrating and extremely versatile wetting agent, designed with economy and efficiency in mind. No two jobs are exactly the same, and we’ve designed Soil Wetta/Dust Suppressor to be effective in all situations. Our product works equally well with all water types – salt, rain and bore. Soil Wetta/Dust Suppressor represents outstanding value for money. At an average cost of only 3.3 cents per square metre, our product is one of the best investments you could make for your business.

Soil Wetta/Dust Suppressor is also a powerful solution for long term agricultural soil wetting. A mere 100ml per 100 litres of water will drastically increase the spread and absorption of water over a full acre of land – perfect for stubborn dry soil.

Soil Wetta/Dust Suppressor is 100% safe to use and non harmful to people. As an example, the same tanks used to cart drinking water can be used to apply Soil Wetta/Dust Suppressor, without any health risks. It’s an extremely powerful product, yet poses no threat to the health of those using it.

Suppressing dust and wetting soil should help the environment as well as your business. There’s no sense in polluting the earth that you work on. At Envirosafe Solutions our goal is help you get the job done without leaving an environmental footprint. Like all Envirosafe products, Soil Wetta/Dust Suppressor is an eco-friendly solution made from non toxic and biodegradable ingredients. For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions can assist you with dust suppression and soil wetting, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70