Wells Fargo Green and Their Efforts

Environmental Cleaning Products, Dishwashing LiquidWells Fargo is an international bank which is following the “green” movement, supporting alternative energy and reducing their carbon footprint as well as they can. In America, Wells Fargo has installed solar panels on ten of their Denver, Colorado banking stores, and this movement has caught on and is spreading. What are some of the ways in which they motivate themselves to use a green, more efficient method of banking?

Catching on to competition. Wells Fargo has decided to achieve recognition in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and this not only helps them to compete in energy efficient design with others, but it also helps them to compete with themselves. Competition and goal setting allows them to reach for something tangible in their business operations, affording them the ability to be excited about their green movement, rather than simply interested in it.

Supporting green internally. Wells Fargo is also supporting multiple green movements by giving loans and investment in green buildings and energy efficient green tech firms and solar and wind energy projects, installations and companies. This allows their banking resources to power and back up the environmental good which everyone is trying to accomplish.

Wells Fargo Green Teams are innovative. As we all know, green technology can only come from creative direction and freedom. While technical direction has its purposes, innovation comes from thinking outside of the box. It is this single-mindedness that allows all members of the green team to find creative solutions and implement test projects which will help turn those ideas into a realistic end product.

Wells Fargo also implements green initiatives, such as commute options, recycling, waste reduction and, of course, paper reduction through their online billing and accounts options for banking customers.

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